Xpo Management

Paul Hussey – Director

Paul-HusseyPaul grew up on the north side of Chicago in Rogers Park where he developed a love for The Cubs (Chicago Cubs jokes towards Paul are encouraged and welcomed), Mopar and all things sports-related. After a brief run as a projectionist at a local cinema, Paul truly found his niche as the head of operations at the Chicago branch of Adcom Worldwide. After extending his talents to a couple more shipping companies, Paul reached his final destination here at Xpo as Co-Founder. His ability to problem solve and think outside the box has truly blessed XpoSolutions’ operation and has fueled their success.


Jay Blasco – President

Jay-blascoJay, a die-hard White Sox fan and south-side native, grew up near Midway Airport and let his Hollywood aspirations take flight by moving out west for a few years after college. After working on various television productions, Jay closed a rewarding chapter of his life and moved back to his hometown and found that he had a knack at inside sales at a local shipping company. Gaining more confidence in his skill-set as each year passed, he now finds himself right where he should be as Co-Founder of XpoSolutions. Jay’s personality, humor, and attention to detail are what set him apart from the competition.


Brad Miranda – COO

Brad-MirandaBrad, also a south-side native, was born with a predilection for design and graphics. After honing those skills in college, he was briefly employed with a graphic design company and then found himself in sales with a few different logistics companies. His capacity for marketing and graphic design put him in a position as head of a sales and marketing team where he created logos, ad campaigns, and oversaw all aspects of sales growth. Here at XpoSolutions, you will see Brad’s fingerprints on the design of everything from our logo to the quotes, BOLs and labels you receive on any given shipment. He has combined his love for design and sales into a fresh and creative twist on the status-quo. Brad is also a Co-Founder here at Xpo.


Robert Babineau – CEO

Robert-babineauRobert, salesman-extraordinaire and jack of all trades, grew up in Chicago and has called many different neighborhoods home. He also lived out east for a few years before returning back to Chicago, where he displayed his talents in a wide spectrum of industries. Before Co-Founding XpoSolutions, Robert lent his abilities to everything from being a Southeast Sales Manager at a security systems company to brokering mergers and acquisitions. He now lives in suburban Chicago with his beautiful wife and kids and brings his passion to XpoSolutions on a daily basis.

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